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a like for luxembourg

Wow, what a great couple of days away in Europe it was.

First of all I am well aware that Beady Eye are not to everybody’s taste, the distinct lack of ‘likes’ of facebook show me that! But I find it quite funny that over 50 ‘friends’ clicked on my blog (about 30% of my followers on facebook) over the two entries yet only four people took the time to ‘like’ either of the posts. I’m far from bitter about it, I just think it says a lot about Beady Eye and the image they have with the public than everything else. I can’t think of many other things I’ve posted over the years that seem to be so universally disliked…..

Its a real shame because as a band they were incredible on Friday night – I’ve not seen Liam, Andy, Gem and Chris as a band previously in their new guise, but saw them several times as Oasis. The first time was a sweaty affair at the Birmingham NIA, the second a huge stadium gig at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester in front of 70,000 drunk Mancunians and finally in Cardiff 2008 in front of several thousand – as equally a sweaty occasion as the NIA back in 2002.

Rockhal was the setting for Fridays gig, a new venue in the not very glamorous destination of Esch-Sur-Alzette, a half hour train ride out of the capital Luxembourg City. The arena holds around 2,500 when full and rather worryingly (embarrassingly) with around fifteen minutes till the band were due to come on I would suggest the hall was only 10% full. With imagination amongst the hardcore fans starting to head down the lines of the gig is sure to be called off, the arena filled up rapidly and I’d suggest there were a good 1,500 people watching what turned out to be a very polished performance.

I shared the gig with Robert (a French guy that had seen Oasis fourteen times and BE twice), Fiona (a Scottish girl, proudly sharing her twitter profile picture of her and Liam taken the previous day) and a Belgian lad whose name I didn’t pick up (who seemed to know every word of every BE song) It was great to be round these three who shared the same passion I have for the band and its members.

Anyway, enough of that. What about Luxembourg I hear the readers say after being bored to death of Liam and co for the past few days on social networks…….well it was a pretty cool city, with a surprisingly high number of bars and pubs everywhere you seemed to gaze. The city is separated by a rather striking and pretty unique gorge that is crossed by a number of impressive bridges, high above the ground below. As someone that gets scared of heights with the proverbial two pairs of socks on, it wasn’t the kind of place to look down when descending or climbing from the lower reaches to the upper or vice versa – some of the drops over the cobbled streets into the bottom of the gorge were enough to make me feel a tad queasy, even after a few Diekirch or Bofferding beers!

The main reason for the trip was obviously the gig – but I’d certainly suggest a night or two in the Duchy if you are passing through Belgium, France or West Germany. I’ve not been to a place easier to navigate (with no map I wondered round quite happily without ever really getting ‘lost’) even at night time, the gorge and the neon lighted ancient city walls helped you keep a decent sub conscious sense of direction.

On the first night I tried to find a pub showing the WGC Matchplay Golf but didn’t have any luck in the first boozer, The White Rose. A quick search on google showed a sports bar called The Britannia showed all types of live sport from round the globe – after a three mile hike down and up the old cobbled streets I found it with relative ease, only to find the two TVs showing the same boring football match the previous pub was showing. Never mind, I took a walk along the river and stumbled upon a tiny bar that served some of the best Thai food I have had anywhere in the world – a chicken massaman curry and a Diekirch later, I soon forgot about the golf and took in some people watching.

This was also my first trip abroad ‘by myself’ since I got into a relationship with Naomi a few weeks after I returned from the trip in March 2011. I’d done a couple of breaks away with Fred and had a fortnight in the UAE watching the cricket without her company in this three year period (where has that time gone exactly?!) but this little expedition to Luxembourg was the first time I’d packed by bag again on my lonesome since I struggled somewhat in Vietnam, January 2011.

I enjoyed the experience again of being a lone traveller, especially as it was only a couple of days away from my better half. Any longer though without ‘doing something’ and I’d have certainly been ready to meet up again. We both pack our bags together in a fortnights time for a trip to the Caribbean, some ten years after my first visit there. It will be nice to have Naomi back on my side for this one, as ever an experience is far better shared – especially with a loved one.

So its a big thanks to quirky Luxembourg for a cool couple of nights away – and an even bigger thanks to Beady Eye who made the trip so memorable for me.

Finally to anyone reading this (and I know the stats!!) I’d like to recommend travelling abroad to watch your favourite band, its a bloody brilliant experience.

I’ll even like it on facebook when you do 😉








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