rockin’ all over the world

In my formative years the only thing I knew about Luxembourg was that they had a really crap national football team. As I played subbuteo with my football loving mates, it was the running joke of ‘Unlucky! You’ve drawn Luxembourg’ which basically meant the match would be fixed to ensure you lost by seven or eight goals. Only San Marino were more of a laughing stock amongst the 1990’s youthful football fans, playing out imaginary World Cup qualifiers during many sleepovers.

Fast forward to 2014 and I’ve booked a couple of nights in one of Europe’s smaller, lesser known countries.

The opportunity to visit somewhere new has become a bit of an addiction of mine over the past couple of years since some wise arse (I actually forget who it was, but I remember the conversation vividly) pointed out how great it would be to visit 40 countries before I turn thirty. As Luxembourg will be the 38th, that target has been amended up to 50 countries.

I want to go to places for a reason though. Whether it be for a relaxing holiday, a sporting event, a ‘must see’ sight or to visit a friend or family member. Or in Luxembourg’s case, a rock concert!

When one of my favourite bands, Beady Eye (Oasis minus Noel, see I told you I was a 90’s kid) announced their European tour I couldn’t help but scan the tour dates to see what new places I could potentially visit on a whim. Three stood out – Paris, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Now as a kid I had visited France which kinda’ counts towards the half century and besides, I like the idea of saving Paris to go with the missus one day. Once that was ruled out I looked at Zurich in Switzerland and decided that flying in and out of a venue would be pretty unadventurous. Luxembourg meanwhile was very reachable overland, via bus and train and in a day.

So on Thursday morning I set off on a mini adventure to mainland Europe, via London, France and Belgium before watching Liam Gallagher and co. in the well known destination of Esch-Sur-Alzette (!) on the outskirts of Luxembourg City on Friday night.

Rock n’ roll……


1 Response to “rockin’ all over the world”

  1. February 15, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Sounds like a great little adventure – a few more countries to tick off your list!

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