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thrilla in manila

On our last day in the Philippines local boxing hero, and number one Filipino sportsman, Manny Pacquiao, captured the hearts of the nation in a victorious bout over in Hong Kong.

Manny is big news here, even knocking earthquake and typhoon victims off the front page for a brief time. Boxing in general is a big deal here, no doubt thanks to the legacy of that fight several decades back.

We had our own battle going on though. During the back end of the trip we found ourselves entrapped in a battle for the coveted prize (there’s not an actual prize, just bragging rights) of Uno Champion of South East Asia. After several matches ranging from ten through to forty games at a time, we found ourselves all square after Bohol. Sadly for me the better player won out in Manila, so congratulations to Naomi who takes over from the old dear who won out in a bar in Finland earlier in the year as current Uno Champ.

The Philippines were a great experience, but perhaps not as inspiring as other Asian countries I’ve visited, for varying reasons from slightly indifferent service to average foods across the four places we spent time in. I dunno’, perhaps I’m getting slightly spoilt but the country didn’t quite win me over as say a Cambodia or parts of Vietnam or Thailand have done in the past.

I’d recommend a visit to Boracay to anyone that loves a bit of beach life. Diniwid beach was a lovely spot. Cebu was alright and Bohol, well let’s just leave that to the previous entry.

Anyway, this is the end for now once again as work takes over for a few months. Next stop in the spring are return trips to Barbados and Prague, then, well who knows? They say part of the fun is in the planning……wherever that maybe.