back to the start

On the 1st October 2010 this blog came alive. I was on a smelly train on the way to Bristol, ready for a couple of nights with the family before taking off from Heathrow to Bangkok – location number one on ‘that’ trip. Fast forward on just short of two years and I’m back on another smelly train (this time with a seat and a plug for my laptop, what an improvement) ready to re-visit Thailand’s crazy capital city.

Whereas that particular train journey saw me start an adventure all on my lonesome, this one sees me sat next to a pretty special person, my lovely missus, Naomi. Despite Thailand being far from my favourite place in the world I’ve only gone at got myself into a relationship with a girl who spent her early teenage years growing up with her family in Pattaya.

It’s the perfect chance to re-visit a country that both holds a special place in both our minds – special to me not because I particularly feel in love with the place like a Langkawi or a Cape Town, but because that’s where my big adventure started out. It’s naturally special to Naomi because that is where she grew up and where some of her family and friends still live.

If I am honest I didn’t take a great deal in when I was first in Bangkok. It might have had something to do with the fact I was still a little overawed by the fact the trip of a lifetime had actually started. It might have had something to so with the fact I was still exhausted from the stresses of moving houses and finishing work. It might even had been down to the fact I spent my three nights in Bangkok partying with Fred and a lad I met at the hostel, Simon, that blurred my memories somewhat of the Thai capital.

Over the next weeks we’ll have some city time, some beach time, some adventurous travel time and some reunion time. After a couple of nights settling into Bangkok which will no doubt see me annoy the shit of Naomi with tales of my past boozing in numerous bars that we walk past, it’s off to the luxurious looking island Koh Samui via a plane, bus and ferry. Then we’ll get ourselves back up to Bangkok (some way, not yet decided) before catching a slow third class only train to Pattaya.

Returning to South East Asia is ridiculously exciting. I can’t believe two years have nearly passed since my first visit, yet at the same time I’ve squeezed in so much travel, work and hacks round golf courses since, I can’t help but feel like autumn 2010 was a life time ago.

But overall the most exciting prospect of all is sharing it all with a loved one.



3 Responses to “back to the start”

  1. 3 Martin Chapple
    August 6, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Hoping you both have yet another “time of your life” – as you said, it will be fantastic to share it with a loved one. Be Michael Palin rather than Karl Pilkington!

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