guess who’s back, back again

A wise woman once said to me that I should feel very fortunate to have Europe on my doorstep. A remarkable fifty whole sovereign states all located within a three to four hour flight from any English airport. Living in Australia the only place she could get to in that time scale was neighbouring New Zealand.

It left me asking the question why is it that until now I’ve only visited nine of these ‘on my doorstep’ countries in my twenty five years on this planet? Even that count up is somewhat of a cheat by including the United Kingdom (where I of course live) and Germany and Belgium of which I’ve only visited thanks to cheeky trips courtesy of the Company I work for.

I guess there are a couple of obvious reasons. First of all the majority of my time I spend away from the UK involves spending my money watching the England cricket side. As no other nation plays test cricket in Europe it’s no surprise that my count hasn’t been helped by several trips to the Asian sub-continent and expensive tours to the glorious Caribbean. Any miserly annual leave left over from work has been used up on the odd city break here and there, but this still hasn’t ever given me adequate time to explore my home continent properly.

This was up until now. After eight months away from the world of blogging it is time Hereford Rich made a return. With no test matches scheduled until the New Year and already having treated my missus to a holiday in the Algarve this summer, I found myself in the rather brilliant position of having a week’s annual leave to treat myself to one of my favourite things in the world – travel for the sake of travel. I think I proved last year that I’m quite good at that, so why not give it another go closer to home; albeit for a much shorter time.
I’m still fitting shit loads in though. Four new countries in eight days to be precise!

It’s gonna’ be a great chance to have a look round Central Europe in the company of my good old travel buddy, Fred. We’ve shared time in some weird and diverse places in the world. From staring in awe at the beautiful Cambodian countryside to the humbling gas chamber experience of Auschwitz. We’ve shared food from the vendors dotted across the mesmeric ‘Djemaa el Fna’ in Marrakech to downing late night ‘Rigan Black Balsalm’ earlier this year in Latvia, chatting about all things life until the sun came up. For us both this will be an opportunity to feel like a proper backpacker again, even if it is over such a short time span.

We’re setting off in the knowledge that we only have a flight out to Vienna and a flight home from Prague. No internal transport has been booked; no real research has been carried out. All we know is the names of the hotels we are supposed to be at each night across our four European cities of choice and that we plan on an overnight train from Budapest to the Czech capital on the Thursday night.

I’m writing the final part of this chapter sat on the same train that I wrote ‘and now the end is near’ some fourteen months ago. It’s mindboggling to even comprehend all that has happened in that time so I’m not even going to bother! This time last year I was chilling on the wonderful isle of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia with a couple of cricket mates preparing for the Ashes tour, now I’m back on the road (or rail), backpack and all, ready for another adventure. It might only be a week but bring it on!


3 Responses to “guess who’s back, back again”

  1. 1 Martin Chapple
    November 19, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Great to see the blog resurrected for your next escapade matey – have a great time with Fred!
    However, it’s time for “Pedants Corner”! Your “wise woman” ain’t so wise perhaps. Europe isn’t “on our doorstep” it’s in our front room because Britain is part of the continent of Europe, like Sri Lanka is part of the sub-Asian continent. Me and you is European!

  2. 2 Andy Mac
    November 20, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Enjoy your trip Rich and PLEASE try and get enough time in Prague for a good look around. Its too beautiful to be rushed.

  3. 3 DK
    November 20, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    That “no other nation plays test cricket in Europe is”, I am somewhat ashamed to say, a “surprise” to me (cricket awareness better than it was but still not that good eh!). The word “missus” mmmmmmmmmmm I am not sure about this maybe your awareness of women’s issues and gender is better but still not that good eh (Te he he !!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Have fun both.

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