predictable – part 3

Ah yes, in a continuation of my need to lighten the mood on here somewhat it’s time for another predictable league ranking system style thingy. This one is based around what I tend to do every single day – no, not whining or moaning about something or even an activity one can do in his spare time that is somewhat ruder (shut up at the back) I’m talking about drinking alcohol! Even with the shocking exchange rate I think I managed at least one drink every single day of the Australia tour and could count the number of ‘dry’ days I have had since the start of this trip on one hand. It’s not that I’m a pisshead, but to quote my good friend Union Dave, ‘I only have a drink when there is a y in the day’ – Amen brother.

1 – Chang Beer
The best thing about Thailand. At 6.4% it manages to slide down without fail time and time again. My favourite beer so far, drunk in 600ml bottles surrounded by like minded travellers just out for the ‘craic’. Never has a beer tasted better after the Khao Sok jungle escape.

2 – Kingfisher Beer
But you haven’t been to India on this trip yet, I hear some wise arse shout. Well, true. Technically my favourite sub continental drop will have to wait till mid February, but I had a lovely bottle in an Indian curry house in Rose Bay, Sydney. It may of cost $8, but worth every cent.

3 – Tiger Beer
Found across Asia as standard. A Singapore drop originally, drunk memorably in ‘Little India’ in the said country alongside a chicken biryani and Basingstoke Pat. Our first night out together before our assault on Sumatra.

4 – Bintang Beer
No, I don’t own a singlet (vest) with the named beer quoted on it like every single Australian in the world, but I certainly drunk many bottles on Gili Trawangan. Many tales shared while supping this Indonesian pilsner. Best drunk at the sunset bar watching, believe or not, the sun go down.

5 – 5 Seeds Cider
I discovered 5 seeds cider when we’d drunk our local in Perth out of Stowford’s Press cider. A decent tipple in all fairness, best sampled from a jug, or as we call them a pitcher. Drunk in relief at England not taking the last three wickets late on day four in Sydney which would have meant we’d of had to slip back into the ground after our early escape to the pub.

6 – Angkor Beer
Cambodia’s finest, not to be confused with it’s gassier sister beer, Anchor. Dirt cheap in happy hour, in fact dirt cheap during any hour of the day or night. Best drunk in the FCC in Phnom Penh overlooking the riverside. The slogan ‘My Country, My Beer’ is quite good as well.

7 – Saigon Beer
Can you guess where this is brewed? My friend last week in Ho Chi Minh, shared with fellow pool players and a scouse bloke called John on an all day session at various street side bars whilst talking about all things life. At 25p a bottle in places, it would be rude not to.

8 – Bulmers Cider
OK, I would never drink this back home but it was on offer at a place in Adelaide called the Little Pub off Hindley Street. Any drink on special offer in Australia is worth getting on, as keen followers will know from my virgin Guinness sessions in Durty Nellys. I also met Loz in this bar while lubricated from this drop, which was nice.

9 – Carlsberg Export Beer
I know, a boring choice but I’ve got nothing interesting to say about Hudda or Larue beer (my most recent discoveries) I had my best non-cricket session on this stuff with a couple of nurses from Manchester in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. Again, carnage on the 600ml bottles as we smashed up the dance floor to a number of standard night club tunes.

10 – VB Bitter
A truly terrible drop, so not surprisingly very popular amongst our Australian friends. It makes the top ten because I was at the end of tour Barmy Army party in Sydney where we were invited to drink cans of this awful beer for free in the company of mates and a few of the players. Needs must.


3 Responses to “predictable – part 3”

  1. 1 Pat M
    January 24, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    cracking blog buddy , complete with photo`s 🙂
    I`m currently drinking Bia Ha Noi or a premium version , not bad stuff indeed , its about £1.30 a go in the posh establishments that i`ve been frequenting , well I am on a business trip and not picking up the tab , but it does the job nicely .
    My personal favourite on your list has to be Bintang , enjoyed those lazy days on Gili T doing absolutely sod all , mind you some of my mates are still giving me grief over that dodgy video but happy days indeed ,
    catch up soon dude
    Pat ,,

  2. 3 Sara
    January 25, 2011 at 3:39 am


    Can’t beleive the $5.50 Guiness from Perth never made it in your top ten…………….
    My particular favourite at the moment is Monteiths Apple Cider. Dean was on the sheep shagger until 3.30am this morning and although he got up at 6.45 for the whale watching has been in bed ever since!!LOL

    Happy days again


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