And now, the end is near….

So, Thursday 1st October has arrived and I am now officialy ‘Richard Kemp – No Fixed Abode’. 

As cool as that sounds, I can’t help but feel that term sounds very much like I should be in court. You know those stories in the press, they always seem to refer to criminals as having ‘No Fixed Abode’, don’t they? Makes them sound like they hang around street corners, sleeping in hedges and such. 

The morning started with a curious headache.  Anyone would think that i’d spent the night smashing up Hereford one last time with my closest buddies. Because of the crazy morning move out, I can’t say i’m feeling anything in terms of genuine excitement about Sunday as yet. My only thoughts are how tired i’m feeling from last nights drunken frolics and today’s hectic move out. Oh, and my disgust that British Rail can charge as much as they do for a train fare when they can’t provide a seat with a better location than the one I have now, right outside the toilet (stay with me over the next six months for more random moans from around the globe) The reason i’m on a train I hear you ask? Mum’s car was so full of my gear that I couldn’t fit into the passenger seat!

 Anyway, I digress. Perhaps it’s about time I did get really excited. At the moment it feels like i’m going on a holiday, or a cricket tour (which technically, I suppose I am). One of the strangest things about the last week or so is that everyone else seems more excited about my trip than I do. It’s lovely that everyone has been so interested, but all the talk and the repeated comments in realtion to the itinerary makes me feel like i’ve already visted half these places. I suppose it’s one of the things i’m going to have to get used to, that this is actually my life for the next six months and people naturally will ask me about it. I tried my best to talk down what i’m doing, especially at work, where i’d imagine my mates in the Sales Office were sick to death with people quizzing me about where I was going and how I could afford to do it. Just think what it will be like when I come back in April!

Writing this i’m starting to come to the conclusion that going away has already subconsciously sunk in. Steph in particular has always asked me if what i’m doing has sunk in yet, asking whether it feels real or not. My answer has always been in the negative until now. Perhaps there isn’t a big moment where I say to myself, ‘Wow, well done Rich! You followed your heart, taken a bit of a risk (though not that big, see earlier blog) and have put yourself out there in the big, wide world for an adventure’ If that is the case, then i’ve gotta’ be honest – that’s a tad disapointing! I wanted a feeling of euphoria, a moment where I feel free from lifes day-to-day trappings. I’m getting a sense of feeling very calm and composed about the whole thing and taking it all in my stride.

As the train rolls towards Newport it’s time to sign off. The next time you’ll here from me will be in Thailand. I might even write that update from an overnight train penned in for early next week…..you never know, I might even get a seat away from the bog!


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