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wake me up when september ends

Actually, don’t. I’m actually really enjoying this last week!

Here am I, sat looking round my lovely little flat, realising the latest in a long line of dreams is nearly a reality. I’ve finally got round to purchasing a backpack for the trip as well as sorting out a few loose ends that i’ve been putting off for the last few weeks. As far as I can see the only thing left to do is to go out with friends and family and continue to spend money on one of the best things a non muslim or a non certified alcoholic cannot spend their money on.


If anyone is about on Thursday and fancies a few round Hereford, drop me a line.

You never know, I may never return……(oh the drama, it’s like an episode of Eastenders)


changing times?

Bank holiday Monday saw me say farewell to the first of many special people. After a cracking weekend celebrating my sisters 30th birthday in Bristol, I ended it by saying goodbye to her till March at the earliest. For she has also decided to take a break from ‘work’ – taking four weeks out between finishing her most recent career before starting a brand new job in early October. We will both be in SE Asia at the same time, but sadly won’t get the chance to meet up.

The next four weeks before take off will see similar exchanges of hugs and kisses, best wishes and twinges of sadness that I expect will continue to be second nature to me. It’s one of the things i’ve learnt to deal with over the years pretty well. From saying farewell to family members as we head off to our own cities and towns, to moments of exchanging farewells to mates at the end of a cricket tour. I’ll always remember that moment of shared sadness Damo and I had in Colombo after saying goodbye to Pale Matt in Sri Lanka after our last night all together. Those same moments over the years have become much easier as tour re-unions take place in far flung corners of the earth.

The thing i’ve learnt is that you don’t have to be with someone 24/7 to still ‘be there’ for them. You can go days, weeks and even months without seeing people face to face and still be part of their lifes. There will be a number of mates of mine here in Hereford that will just crack on with life in the time that i’m away and nothing will change. We will meet up again come next April and it will be like we’ve never been apart.

I’m not sad about saying goodbye to friends and family – yes i’ll miss many special people, but I know everyone is living their own lives and that should be applauded. Perhaps it’s one of the main positives about being single….it’s easier saying farewell to people when you are so used to doing things your way and not having someone looking out for you day-to-day?

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And finally on a more casual note here is a thought about BT…..Morons.

£82 to cancel a contract? No chance. See you in court – Direct Debit cancelled!

Changing times indeed – BT to Sky telephone contract on my April return 🙂

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