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It’s an unwritten rule that all blogs must contain at least one top ten style league table full of stuff. Simply, here is a top ten list of things that i’m looking forward to most over the next six months away.

1 – That first night away from home in Bangkok. That feeling of ‘Yes, i’ve done it’ – all the talk, and now it is happening.  I reckon that will be one of the most self fullfilling moments possible in life.

2 – Meeting up with friends and family along the way. Fred, my brother in law, in Thailand and Cambodia. Rob, Pete and Susannah in Brisbane ahead of the first test. Basingstoke Pat in Singapore or Indonesia. And of course, the many mates i’ve met over the years following England overseas.

3 – Climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.

4 – Finding somewhere in Asia to have a cheeky round of golf. Even if it may break the £50 a day budget.

5 – Deciding on where to go after the Ashes have finished in early January. Vietnam, New Zealand, Japan…..all suggestions will be considered.

6 – That first train journey in India. Despite spending five weeks of my life in India i’ve still never caught a train. The Mumbai attacks in 2008 put pay to the Ahmedabad-Mumbai overnighter we had booked. Whether i’ll be saying the same half way through the 35 hour jaunt from Calcutta to Bangalore remains to be seen.

7 – Meeting new people. Some exciting, some dull. At least they will all be new and worth giving a chance.

8 – Seeing the work Michelle and Fred have done in Cambodia, including the Children’s CCH Orphanage. A place even my mother has seen before me!

9 – The day nighter at Eden Gardens in Calcutta. 100,000 Indians with maybe 300-400 English fans. Even in the old days of following Hereford Utd away in the Conference I would never have been so out-numbered in my life.

10 – Having a rest at some point.

Don’t laugh at the last one, it’s true!


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